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SILENT KNIGHT® Tablet Crushing System

Crushes medications for pets into a fine powder.

  • Silent – no loud disturbance
  • Complete dosage for pet
  • Crushes multiple tablets at once
  • Requires minimal force to crush
  • The gold standard for tablet crushing

Silent Knight - the modern, time saving, pet friendly way to dispense medications.

  • Effectively and conveniently crush pet pill medications into a fine, easy to mix powder.
  • Crush multiple tablets in one pouch at same time.
  • The patented, easy open-easy load, pill pouch is specifically designed to assure full recovery of crushed meds and retain dose integrity.
  • The guaranteed quality of the pouch helps prevent cross contamination by withstanding the pressure exerted on the pill during the crushing process. No pounding, cross contamination or mess.
  • Single-use pouch eliminates need to clean crusher after use.
  • Requires minimal force to crush.


The patented SILENT KNIGHT pouch makes all the difference.

To ensure even greater efficiency, convenience, and protection, the SILENT KNIGHT tablet crushing system works with a specially designed, patented pouch.

The pouch has both a curved base and opening that simplifies inserting tablets and pouring crushed medication cleanly and completely. That means no loss of costly medication.

Learn more about the SILENT KNIGHT Tablet Crushing System!

Silent Knight Instructional Video


Three easy steps to crush medication:

Step 1. Place pill(s) into Silent Knight Pill Crusher Pouch. Lift handle and place pouch down between the crusher plates to initiate crushing.


Step 2. Press handle down to crush pill(s). Lift handle and pull pouch upward to half way up the crusher plates.


Step 3. Then press the handle down to activate grinding movement. Press handle down several times to grind pill(s) into fine powder. Repeat if needed. Then remove the pouch and add the medication to an appropriate serving medium for administration.